A little 🔥 today. Core work to start and a 🌶 metcon to follow.

  • Core – 3 rounds
    • 30 Flutter kicks
    • 30 Russian twists
  • Metcon – 4 rounds
    • 20 Thrusters
    • 40 DU

Point of performance today – maintain technique under speed

Because the thrusters will be light, you may go so fast that your squat pattern begins to break down. This is a valuable time for you to be aware of this breakdown and be able to fix it within a metcon.

It is much easier to feel the deviations in form when we move slow. Once we speed up, it becomes much more difficult. The best movers can feel those small deviations under speed, load, cardio demand, etc. and can improve intraworkout.

Be aware and have fun!

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