We are going to slow down today and work on some tempo strength/skill.

Why do we use tempo? It is a fantastic way to challenge your skill and technique during an exercise. You can hide a bunch of faults when you move fast but will get Mutombo’d if you have faults and are moving slowly. It is easy to see those compensations and because we can see and feel them, we can fix them.

You have 2 pieces today…

  • 0:00-7:00
    • Every :30
      • A1: 1 Press
      • A2: 1 Deadlift
      • A3: 1 Squat

*regular tempo

**If you have a relatively heavy odd object (rock, log, child’s tricycle), that would be amazing!!!


  • 8-10 rounds
    • 5 DL
    • 5 Presses
    • 5 Squats

*3131 Tempo (3 seconds down, 3 seconds up)

How perfect can you move when you are forced to slow down? Let’s find out…

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