Brand X Chattanooga Youth and Teen fitness Program

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The Brand X Method

πŸ† Doing what is BEST FOR KIDS

πŸ† Training designed to increase physical fitness among our youth by teaching safe, efficient movement

πŸ† Optimal for long-term development through physical, psychological, and social well-being

πŸ† Developing better athletes

Explore Group (Ages 5-10)

Characteristics - Movement experimentation and discovery, Movement exposure, Basic motor patterns, Free play

Express Group (Ages 10-15)

Characteristics - Continued movement exposure, More sophisticated movement skills and challenges, Creative solutions to movement contexts

Excel Group (Ages 15-18)

Characteristics - Movement expression that creates intent and mastery, Capacity to solve wide variety of movement problems

Explore schedule

Monday – 4:30PM

Express and Excel Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday – 4:30PM

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