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The Brand X Method

🏆 The Brand X Method™ is a youth fitness model that is specifically designed for kids and teens. It prioritizes movement patterns and skills to develop physical literacy in children. In simpler terms, The Brand X Method™ teaches young athletes strength and conditioning habits that will set them up for success in future activities, whether it be in organized sports or for activities for life. We train kids to be better athletes. We train kids to be better functioning humans.

🏆 By utilizing a Base-Build-Boost approach that encourages the development of the entire child – physically, psychologically, and socially – the kid or teen trains in a way that is best for him or her, be it a 6 year old that is just starting or a 17 year old who has been training for years.

🏆 Whitebelt Kids is committed to helping the youth in our community develop competence and confidence to take on the world. Using The Brand X Method™ system, Whitebelt Kids aims to build formidable humans who become stronger and more well-rounded athletes, enjoy lifelong movement, and build a legacy of health.

Explore Group (Ages 5-9)

Characteristics - Movement experimentation and discovery, Movement exposure, Basic motor patterns, Free play

Express Group (Ages 9-12)

Characteristics - Continued movement exposure, More sophisticated movement skills and challenges, Creative solutions to movement contexts

Class schedule

Monday – 4:30PM

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