Help our community enjoy a longer, healthier life by:

  • Improving strength
  • Increasing conditioning
  • Expanding mobility
  • Connecting to awesome people

Why Whitebelt?

Whitebelt Mentality

  • Constantly practicing and refining the fundamentals, be it movement or nutrition
  • Because we routinely reinforce the basics, the member experience is elevated based on the application of principles that are safe and advantageous
  • There is ALWAYS something to improve, a new skill to practice, ALWAYS a way to grow

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness methodology that uses constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity.

In other words, what you perform in the gym should mimic activities in real life.

For example:

  • Picking groceries up off of the ground = Deadlifting
  • Sitting down = Squatting

We use CrossFit to teach you how to move safely and efficiently in a formal gym setting so you can live a more active and healthy life!

Membership Options

On Ramp

The Whitebelt CrossFit On Ramp program is an on-boarding course designed to ease new members into regular CrossFit classes. On Ramp members will learn the basics of CrossFit in a safe, welcoming, low-intensity environment.

On Ramp membership is a one time contract

$97 – 3 Personal Training sessions

For your ON Ramp membership, you get:

  • Hands on, personalized coaching
  • Learn the basics of CrossFit
  • Appropriate modifications for exercises

CrossFit Classes

Memberships are month to month and auto-renew your specified billing date

3 classes/week = $135/month

Unlimited = $155/month


  • Quality Coaching
  • Increased Strength
  • More Endurance
  • Improved Mobility
  • Fantastic Community

Nutrition Coaching


Personal Training


Whitebelt Kids

Whitebelt Kids uses The Brand X Method™ – a youth fitness model that is specifically designed for kids. It prioritizes movement patterns and skills to develop physical literacy in children. In simpler terms,  Whitebelt Kids teaches young athletes strength and conditioning habits that will set them up for success in future activities, whether it be in organized sports or for activities for life. We train kids to be better athletes. We train kids to be better functioning humans. 

By utilizing a Base-Build-Boost approach that encourages the development of the entire child – physically, psychologically, and socially – the kid or teen trains in a way that is best for him or her, be it a 6 year old that is just starting or a 17 year old who has been training for years.

Whitebelt Kids is committed to helping the youth in our community develop competence and confidence to take on the world. Using The Brand X Method™ system, Whitebelt Kids aims to build formidable humans who become stronger and more well-rounded athletes, enjoy lifelong movement, and build a legacy of health.


  • Professional Youth Coaches
  • Training designed for kids 

Memberships are month to month and auto-renew your specified billing date

Explore (ages 5-9) = $60/month

Express (ages 9-12) = $100/month



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